Is Your Home’s Landscaping Setting You Up for Emergency Sewer Repair

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Emergency Sewer Repair in Whitney, NV by experienced, local plumbers.Your beautifully landscaped yard may be the envy of your neighbors, but if tree roots interfere with your home’s sewer system the envy will quickly be replaced by relief. Relief that they aren’t in your shoes and stuck with a large repair bill. Every day we answer phone calls from homeowners in need of emergency sewer repair in Whitney, NV. There are numerous reasons why sewer lines fail. Aging pipes and waste buildup are two reasons for failure. The third is something that many homeowners never even consider to be a threat to their plumbing – tree roots.

Best Landscape Practices to Avoid Sewer Pipe Replacement

Homeowners know that they should identify the location of utility lines when planting trees or other kinds of flora. What many people don’t realize, though, is that they also need to be aware of where their home’s sewer line is located. Trees and bushes need to be planted at least 10 feet from this line. Ideally, the farther from the line you plant, the better.

As trees and bushes grow, their root bases expand horizontally. Over the course of just a few years, roots can grow long and wide, pushing into the sides of sewer pipes and causing cracks to form. The cracks may begin to leak or the tree root may push through the crack and create a main line clog. Either situation spells trouble for the sewer line and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Ask a Whitney Plumber about Our Pipe Inspection Camera Service

A lot of homes in the area are older and have established trees in the yards. At Whitney Plumbing Pros, we suggest that homeowners have visual inspection done of their sewer line’s interior surfaces. Using a pipe inspection camera, you and a licensed plumber will be able to watch live-feed from a high-tech camera that is inserted into the sewer line. From watching the video, your plumber will be able to tell if there are roots or any other issues that could be a cause for concern.

Call for Sewer Line Inspection Today

Don’t wait for raw sewage to back up into your home necessitating a need for emergency sewer repair in Whitney. Take proactive measures such as planning new addition to your landscape carefully and hiring a plumber to perform a visual inspection. Proactive measures always save you money!

Avoid Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet Repair with these Practical Tips

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Faucet repair in Whitney, NV, by licensed plumbers in your local area.Household faucets are plumbing fixtures that are the most susceptible to failure. Daily usage can lead to wear and tear faster than usual, which can cause leaky taps. Bathroom and kitchen faucet repair is relatively inexpensive, but should be attended to as soon as possible. When taps leak, you waste water and you waste your money. Of course, the best way to save money is to avoid the need for repairs all together. Here are some practical tips for keeping your household faucets in their best shape for longer.

Opt for Professional Installation

One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom or kitchen is to change the sink faucet. Although this is a job that many homeowners feel they can tackle, it’s not always as easy as that YouTube video makes it look. Faucets that aren’t installed correctly can leak at the base causing inconvenience and poor function. The next time you decide to install a new faucet consider hiring your local plumber.

Consider Conditioning Your Water

Homes with hard water may experience many types of plumbing problems. When water is full of sediment, it can lead to premature deterioration of pipes, drains, and faucets. The minerals get caught in the faucet’s smallest parts and can loosen connections leading to dripping. It can also destroy seals. At Whitney Plumbing Pros, we recommend that homeowners have their water tested to determine its hardness factor and, when necessary, consider installing a water softener to protect plumbing systems.

Fix a Leaky Faucet Right Away

Don’t wait to take care of a leaky faucet. Call the best local plumbers in Whitney! We are your neighborhood 24 hour plumber that always guarantees great service, exceptional pricing, and quality workmanship. Kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, wet bar plumbing, and outdoor faucets, we do it all. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained licensed plumbers.

When Should You Hire a Drain Cleaning Expert?

Friday, October 28th, 2016

#1 plumbers in Whitney, NV for immediate drain cleaningClogged drains could be a sign of various underlying problems with your sewer system. At Whitney Plumbing Pros, we understand how frustrating dealing with blocked drains can be, which is why we provide 24-hour drain cleaning services to residents of Whitney and surrounding counties. With us, you are assured of quick responses and emergency drain cleaning services at some of the best rates in the industry. Plumbing problems are best handled by a professional. Here are a few signs that you need to call a drain cleaning company:

  • If you do not have a clue about the exact plumbing problem you are experiencing, then pick up your phone and call Whitney Plumbing Pros. Avoid getting into the temptation of trying to fix your plumbing system when you do not have the knowledge or resources required to fix the problem.
  • If you cannot locate the root of the problem, then let a professional handle it.
  • If you lack the right equipment to do repairs, then you know the job is not yours. Although you can buy or lease the required tools, you may not know how to use the tools in the right manner to fix your plumbing problem. Our licensed plumbers have been trained for this and know the right tools to use for different types of drain cleaning jobs. We will not leave until the job is done.
  • Homeowners often use various products to clean their drains. If your drain bursts or floods during drain cleaning, call Whitney Plumbing Pros because that could be a sign of a more serious problem.
  • Another reason why a professional is well suited for a job is because they understand drainage systems and they know how to safely clean your drainage system. An expert will provide drain-cleaning services without damaging your tiles, walls, or pipes.
  • Your insurance company may not cover damages caused by you while trying to fix your own plumbing system. Trying to fix your plumbing system on your own may lead to more costly damages and repairs.

Whitney Plumbing Pros is a professional plumbing company that is licensed, bonded, and insured to give our clients peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your drain cleaning project.

Is a Slab Leak Destroying Your Foundation?

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Detect slab leaks fast by contacting our top-rated, Whitney local plumbersHave you noticed the smell of mildew in your home lately? Have you found mold in unexpected places, but can’t find a water leak? Is your home’s water bill getting higher and higher even though you haven’t changed your habits? Answering yes to any of these questions, can mean you may have a hidden water leak in your home.

Types of Hidden Leaks

There are a couple of different types of hidden leaks. They can occur behind the walls of your home and caused by piping within the walls failing. There can also be hidden leaks underneath the vanity in your bathroom or beneath your kitchen sink. These often happen because of ill-fitting connections. Another common leak is the slab leak. A slab leak forms below ground under the concrete slab of your home’s foundation. Of all the kinds of hidden leaks, a slab leak can be the most destructive to your home.

Understanding a Slab Leak

A slab leak can exist silently below the surface of your home’s foundation for many weeks before making itself known. Slab leaks form when tiny cracks and fissures appear in the piping below your home’s foundation and slowly leak water over a long period of time. Poor water quality, inadequate installation, and age are just a few of the reasons for the formation of slab leaks. Determining why the leak occurred and fixing the problem is imperative to protecting the structural integrity of your home.

Contact a Plumber

Don’t let concealed leaks stay hidden for long. Call a local Whitney plumber to perform innovative leak detection services to find the exact location of the leak. These state-of-the-art detection services can often find and repair the leak without destroying your walls and foundation too. What are you waiting for? Get the professional help you need today by contacting Whitney Plumbing Pros for assistance.