Residential Plumbing Retrofits Offer Green Benefits

There are many green plumbing solutions available for homeowners who to reduce their water usage. Green plumbing options for residential plumbing systems include:

  • Low-flow toilets
  • Low-flow shower and bathtub faucets
  • Automatic faucets for kitchen and bathrooms
  • Smart irrigation systems
  • Water pipe retrofits

Want to know which retrofit options are best for your home and budget? Contact a local plumber in Whitney, NV. We’ll help you figure out the best solutions.

At Whitney Plumbing Pros, we recommend starting small. Maybe you want to start by installing automatic faucets in your kid’s bathroom so they don’t leave the water running while brushing their teeth or after washing their hands. You don’t have to make drastic changes. In fact, simple upgrades, done a little at a time, are gentler on your budget and still highly effective.

Replace Large Plumbing Appliances

We also recommend replacing large plumbing appliances that are underperforming. An example would be the traditional tank water heater. Tankless water heaters are as efficient as traditional tank water heaters, but offer the following benefits:

  • Uses less energy
  • Heats on-demand
  • No heat loss
  • Saves money on water heating costs

The demand for tankless water heater installations has risen steadily over the years because homeowners appreciate the money-saving benefits and because these water heaters don’t need as much room.

Always Opt for Professional Plumbing Installation Services

Homeowners who decide to install green plumbing solutions should always hire licensed and bonded plumbers in Whitney. Many plumbing fixtures and appliances require fine-tuning and precise installation for maximum benefits.

Warranties should also be considered. Without professional installation you could be putting your new purchase at risk. If the tankless water heater or other fixture isn’t installed according to manufacturer requirements, any warranty protection could be void if the appliance fails within the warranty timeframe.

Do you need help installing a new plumbing fixture? Have questions about retrofitting your plumbing to meet today’s green energy standards?

Whitney Plumbing Pros offers homeowners and businesses affordable plumbing installation services and guarantees all labor and parts. We work around your schedule and never charge extra for after—hour services. Call us today to book a service call!


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