Is Your Home’s Landscaping Setting You Up for Emergency Sewer Repair

Emergency Sewer Repair in Whitney, NV by experienced, local plumbers.Your beautifully landscaped yard may be the envy of your neighbors, but if tree roots interfere with your home’s sewer system the envy will quickly be replaced by relief. Relief that they aren’t in your shoes and stuck with a large repair bill. Every day we answer phone calls from homeowners in need of emergency sewer repair in Whitney, NV. There are numerous reasons why sewer lines fail. Aging pipes and waste buildup are two reasons for failure. The third is something that many homeowners never even consider to be a threat to their plumbing – tree roots.

Best Landscape Practices to Avoid Sewer Pipe Replacement

Homeowners know that they should identify the location of utility lines when planting trees or other kinds of flora. What many people don’t realize, though, is that they also need to be aware of where their home’s sewer line is located. Trees and bushes need to be planted at least 10 feet from this line. Ideally, the farther from the line you plant, the better.

As trees and bushes grow, their root bases expand horizontally. Over the course of just a few years, roots can grow long and wide, pushing into the sides of sewer pipes and causing cracks to form. The cracks may begin to leak or the tree root may push through the crack and create a main line clog. Either situation spells trouble for the sewer line and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Ask a Whitney Plumber about Our Pipe Inspection Camera Service

A lot of homes in the area are older and have established trees in the yards. At Whitney Plumbing Pros, we suggest that homeowners have visual inspection done of their sewer line’s interior surfaces. Using a pipe inspection camera, you and a licensed plumber will be able to watch live-feed from a high-tech camera that is inserted into the sewer line. From watching the video, your plumber will be able to tell if there are roots or any other issues that could be a cause for concern.

Call for Sewer Line Inspection Today

Don’t wait for raw sewage to back up into your home necessitating a need for emergency sewer repair in Whitney. Take proactive measures such as planning new addition to your landscape carefully and hiring a plumber to perform a visual inspection. Proactive measures always save you money!

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