Toilet Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Whitney, NV

Are you searching the Whitney area for affordable toilet repair or toilet replacement service? Look no farther than Whitney Plumbing Pros. Our number one priority is to provide quality plumbing repairs when you have a broken or clogged toilet. Whether you can’t get your toilet to flush properly, or you have a leaking toilet, we have solutions that are affordable and always guaranteed.

Clogged Toilet Repair

Nothing is quite as infuriating as fighting with a clogged toilet. Blockages for in the toilet bowl and farther down the drainpipe as a result of many different things. Shallow clogs usually form when too much toilet paper is flushed or small objects are accidentally flushed. These clogs can usually be remedied with a plunger, but if you have tried plunging your toilet without success, or the clog keeps coming back it is most likely time to call a plumber.

Sometimes plunging can do more harm than good and cause shallow clogs to be pushed farther into the drainpipe. In cases like this, you need to call a plumber who can quickly access the clog using special equipment like water-jetting to break apart the obstruction and clean the insides of your pipes to prevent future buildup.

Another reason to call for plumbing service when your toilet habitually clogs is to find out if the problem has something to do with pipe installation or an issue with your sewer line. A lot of times homeowners think the problem with their toilets is a blockage due to toilet tissue, feminine hygiene products, etc., when it is really an entirely different problem.

Leaky Toilets

Did you know that a leaky commode can waste as much as two gallons of water in just one minute? That’s a hard concept to wrap your head around, but it’s true. In fact, leaky toilets are the most common reason for your water bill to begin to rise suddenly. The best way to deal with a leaky toilet is to call for expert repairs from a plumber in Whitney, NV.

Signs of a leaky toilet include:

  • Phantom flushes
  • Noisy toilet when not in operation
  • Water dripping over the side of the tank after the toilet has been flushed
  • Noticeable leaking at the toilet base

If you witness any of these problems, it is important to call for plumbing service right away to prevent further problems and possible water damage.

New Toilet Installation

If you’re experiencing problems with your toilet, you may need to consider toilet replacement if the problem is unfixable. With older toilets sometimes it can be hard to find replacement parts for certain interior components. It may also be better to replace an old, outdated toilet with a new model to improve water efficiency.

Older toilets use more water to flush waste than new toilets. With low-flow options and dual-flush features, a new toilet can use less than half the water an older toilet uses without affecting the toilet’s overall performance.

To learn more about our toilet installation services and to schedule an appointment for toilet repair in Whitney, call us today!